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1.  General
Aluteknik Engineering Machinery Chemical Industry and Trade Co.Ltd which is hereinafter referred to as “Aluteknik”, adopts as a principle of protection of the visitors who visit the web site. For this reason, this privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) explains what kind of information related to the users is taken by Aluteknik  and how they are used and protected. On the other hand, it is defined how you can control the truth of this information in the frame of this Privacy Statement and how you can make them deleted when you want by applying to Aluteknik. Aluteknik shall make every kind of processes to operate and use them in compliance with the existing and valid data protection regulations.
This Privacy Statement is not valid for other sites (hyperlinked web sites) to which link is supplied by Aluteknik.   

2.  Collecting, using and processing of personal information
Information to be used and processed for a certain person is possible when this person enters data by his or her own will or he or she slearly agrees to in this respect. Entering data or agreeing to in this respect clearly is an indicator that means the person agrees to the following conditions.
When you visit our site some information necessiated by system management, statistic and “backup” practices will be deposited in our servers automatically. The name of your iternet service provider, your IP address in some cases, version of your web mobility software, communication sytem of the computer which is accessed, web site directed to us, other sites you vist when you are in our system and the key words you used to lookk for our site are some data. This kind of data depending on the case makes inferences about the site visitors. However, any personal data will be used in this framework. This kind of special information can only be used by anonymising them. In case of Aluteknik directs this kind of data to any service provider outside necessary technical and organisational operations will be realized in the framework of current legal regulations in related with data safety.
When your personal data is given by your own will, Aluteknik guarantees to use them in scope of the restrictions predicted by the law or the restrictions that are defined in the visitor’s statement of consent, and to process them or transfers them. Transferring the said information to the third persons can be made only when yhe legal or administrative offices force it or when the explanation is predicted by the applicable law. The possible changes in related to this Privacy Statement will be broadcasted in this page. In this framework, you will be informed on what kind of information related to you is kept and how they will be used.      

3. Safety
Aluteknik keeps the information related to you safely. Accordingly, it is taken all precautions against any loss, abusing or changing of the said information. The contractual partners of Aluteknik who Access your information in order to give necessary service, are liable to keep them secret and not to use them for other purposes in the framework of their contractual liabiities. In some cases, it would be necessary tos hare your information with the Aluteknik group companies. In these cases your information will be considered as secret.  

4. Information about children

Aluteknik web site is created for using by adults. It  is not considered to be used by children. Aluteknik is not interested in the information about children who under 14 years old age. Aluteknik will provide guidance in a convenient space in the site about not to send any information about children. If the parents or legal guardians suspect that information about the children under their custody is accessed to Aluteknik please contact us in the following address (see Article 6) if you want to delete them. In this case the information will be deleted almost immediately.   

5. Cookies
Aluteknik uses “cookies” in order to make using of this web site easy apart from the original information  that is sent to you within “cookie”. In this way when you return to our web site we will give you better services. “Cookies” are little text files that are sent to the users in order to gather bulk data and to compile them for making possible recognition of the users by web pages and to improve and develop the contents of the sites. “Cookies” are used for purposes of giving convenient and special services or information to you. Session control information in the cookies makes easy for you to use our web site easily and speedily and to enjoy your web experiences in the best conditions.  

Cookies in our site do not keep and disclose the personal information. Information transferred by cookies are not used for promotion or marketing. Aluteknik web pages follows the forms of usage through cookies in order to enhance practicability and efficiency our site. However, those information are not be sold to the third persons or shared with them in any way.  

Not only you can delete the cookies that have been already loaded by making necessary adjustments in your browser but you can also block the cookies to be loaded or you can make possible to be warned by your browser during loading (Browser/Tools-“Internet Options/Internet Adjustments”). However, we woluld like to stress that the said cookies might be necessary in order to operate our web site and perform certain functions.     

By using this site you you accept implicitly to be bound with Aluteknik Privacy Statement. If you do not accept the privacy statement of Aluteknik please do not use our site. Aluteknik reserves the right of change this privacy statement or to add new sections in its own will. If you keep on this web site after having been made some changes on the privacy statement that means that you have already accepted the changes on the privacy statement.

6. Your demands and questions
When the legal or contractual filing time of the stored information is ended or they are no needed any longer for Aluteknik they will be deleted by Aluteknik. However, when you make a demand, information belong to you will be deleted. On the other hand, you can retreat your agreement about your information can be  used or processed in future. In these cases, or your all questions on your personal information you can advise with us by electronic mail. You can also contact us about your information to be kept and their usage fields. You make sure that we will make our best to respnse your all questions in shortest time.   

7. Facebook Plugin Social
Plug-in connection with social network (“Facebook”) managed by Facebook Inc. Corporation resident at the address of1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States of America  can be put in our web site page. These connections can be like the buttons of Facebook “Like” in English and “Gefalt mir” in German. When you entry such a page your browser is directly connected with the Facebook server and plug-in connection is displayed on screen. Plug-in connection informs Facebook server of which Aluteknik pages are visited by you. If you are a member of Facebook and entry Facebook user account when you are visiting Aluteknik Site, Facebook registers this data in your Facebook user account.
If you use one of the functions of Plug-in connection (for example, if you click “Like” buton or present an opinion) this data is registered in your Facebook user account. Information about gathering information and using them by Facebook and your rights to protect your personal information is on the “data protection information” pages in Facebook site. If you do not want to registrate your visitation information in your Faebook user account, please exit from your Facebook user account before you visit Aluteknik site.  

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